Any student who has earned credits from a degree awarding institution recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan can apply for transfer of courses

(standing admission) before the start of semester. These applications shall be evaluated by the DAC for relevancy i.e. course contents and suitability of grade (minimum 62% or “C” for undergraduate and 74% or “B” for Graduate).  The input shall be forwarded to the Credit Transfer Committee comprise of the following for making recommendations to the competent authority for approval:

  1. Concerned Dean-Convener
  2. All Deans- Member
  3. Concerned HoD-Member
  4. Director Academics / his nominee- Member/Secretary

The DAC may co-opt members from other disciplines for courses other than the major subjects.

The credit transfer (standing admission) shall be subject to the following conditions:

  1. The student shall have successfully completed transferable courses (as per regulations described here) worth of a normal semester load of that programme.
  2. The maximum transferable courses shall not be more than 50% of the courses (credit hours) required for the completion of the degree programme at KUST.
  3. The courses shall be transferred on course to course basis.
  4. The student must be fulfilling the admission criteria of that programme
  5. There must be a vacant seat available in that programme.
  6. The parent Institution has issued NOC.
  7. The student shall not have been expelled from the parent Institution on disciplinary grounds 
  8. The total courses transferred shall be reflected on the transcript issued by KUST with the reference to the parent institutions. The transfer credit hours shall not be counted towards the CGPA.